Should I buy a house? No idea what I should do.

So I’m 28 and earning $115,000 working remote and live in South Florida; paid off all my debt. I’ve been looking into buying a house the last year and a half or so. Obviously the market has been crazy. I’m not looking to buy anything major, just a 3/2 around $330,000. Houses are also incredibly expensive in my area and my cousin was able to get a 4/3 house with 9 acres in Georgia for the same price of a 2/2 down here.

My question is should I continue to try to buy a house if I may move to another state within a year? What if the market crashes? In the past people have told me that owning the house is what’s important because it puts equity under your name, is that still true if the market crashes? If I buy a house and decide to move to another state will it be easier to do so if I own this property and rent it out? Was having a conversation yesterday and someone mentioned a high chance that south Florida will be under water within 60 years due to climate change and that spurred my thinking.

Really have no idea what I’m doing and just looking for some general guidance.