Is now a bad time to buy a car (assuming another 2008 crash is incoming)?

I have lackluster credit but can afford car payments right now. I know the banks/dealerships are frothing at the mouth to give people like me shitty loans. I bought a house in 2008 before the crash and had to sell to move across the country in 2011 leaving me way underwater. That being said, Wells Fargo forgave the amount I was under with just a hardship letter from me. I’m assuming it’ll be a lot harder to get loans after the crash.

Again, this is all assuming there’s another similar crash coming.

I can put at least $7k down, more if needed.

It seems people missed the part where I said I CAN afford car payments. I don’t NEED a car right now, but I can get more for my used Prius than what it’s worth while we’re in this used car bubble.