With the recent Vanguard target date fund tax bill lawsuit, should I be worried about my Fidelity target date mutual fund that I have in my taxable account?

I have money investing in a Fidelity 205x target date fund and my plan is to just let it sit for 20-30 years (it seemed the most obvious fund to get if I wanted automated long term investing with decreased risk over time); this is in a regular individual taxable account. But after [reading about the surprise tax bill](https://www.cnbc.com/2022/03/15/vanguard-created-big-tax-bills-for-target-date-fund-investors-lawsuit-claims.html) some Vanguard customers received with their own target date fund, I’m wondering if I need to act and sell everything and instead buy some ETFs, or if I need to do some other action, to potentially avoid a large surprise tax bill in the future.

I also need to consider that by selling, I’ll be getting a capital gains tax bill anyways, though I haven’t figured out what that might be, exactly. So ultimately, I’m trying to determine what I should do, if anything.