i401k Adventures… I Pretty Much Don’t Know What I’m Doing

Hey, guys! I’ve accepted a position at a company that I really like. I’ve vetted benefits, workload, team members, etc.
The one downside to this position is that I don’t get to roll over my current 401k funds until I’ve hit 1 whole year of tenure with the new company.
I’ve been researching i401k’s online, and it looks like since I’m not self employed, a business owner, or something similar, I actually don’t qualify for an i401k. Soooo I’m stuck keeping my retirement benefits in limbo for a year without being able to rollover and/or continue to contribute.
My question is, what kinds of accounts are available to me? Keep in mind that when I reach a year of tenure, I’d like to move my retirement funds into the company 401k to be able to benefit from them matching my contributions. I’ve looked at IRA’s, but they don’t tend to play nice with being transferred back into 401k’s without me paying hefty fees or fines.
Help, and thank you!