Inheritance- What to do now?

In the past four months I’ve inherited half of my mothers estate. To keep it simple I was given a financial portfolio worth $185,000, after selling her home I assume I will receive another 75-100k.
I have a very low amount of credit card debt ($5,500) and have no student loans to pay.
I’m currently 34, college educated and employed as a History teacher at a small charter school. My current salary is around $53,000.
So here is my questions

Should I keep all the $185k invested with the same broker?
What should I do from the income that will be available after selling her home?
Should I continue to work or should I do what I’ve always wanted and travel for a couple of months and then go back to teaching?
If I was to buy a new car should I finance a part of it or pay cash?
I also have a side hustle selling antique and books, should I maybe invest into that?