TaxAct appears to have the wrong NY State tax brackets for 2021

“TaxAct sucks” responses aside, I’m hoping someone else sees this that uses TaxAct and can confirm they’re seeing this as well. So far the Xpert Assist support number at TaxAct has confirmed it looks like something is off in the software, but when they transfer me to IT I get told “TaxAct employees need to report bugs, not customers.” Currently waiting for an e-mail response that may never come. It would be great to have one more person take their NY taxable income, throw it into NY’s 2021 tax brackets, and confirm the tax number comes out the same as it does in TaxAct. Specifically for the ‘Married filing jointly and qualifying widow(er)’ filing status (as I’m unsure if the same bug would be present for single filers). Things seem to break down in the 5.97% bracket.