I need to know if I can just say “NO” to these 2 questions from the government down below:

Good morning, everyone. I have a special case here.

I need to know if I can just say “NO” to these 2 questions down below:

**”say yes if you failed to file or pay Federal, state, or other taxes when required by law or ordinance”**

**”Are you delinquent on any Federal debt? (Includes delinquencies arising from Federal taxes, loans, overpayment of benefits, and other debts to the U.S. Government, plus defaults of Federally guaranteed or insured loans such as student and home mortgage loans.)”**

I have 2 self-employed jobs that I haven’t filed tax for since 2018.

Job #1 is selling bicycles on my own. lasted for 2-3 months in 2018 and that’s it. made about 2k. transactions are in cash.

Job #2 | 2018- present | is photoshopping real estate. real estate agents send me photos of vacant home. **I send these photos to a guy i know in vietnam.** he finish the job. i send it back to the agents. agents pay me. I share profits with the guy in vietnam. transactions are in paypal. made below 1k each year except 2020 (1230$)

Can I say no to those 2 questions? why and why not? Will they ever ask me to show proof of these transactions?

IMPORTANT: I have to list these jobs out because my current employer is from the government and they are going to do a full investigation on my history (call my past employers, people I worked with, lived with, friends, etc). they will find out about these 2 self employed jobs that I have.

Please please help. Thank you in advance