Cash back vs rounding up savings

I’m at the stage in my financial journey where I want to maximize the benefits of my accounts and I’m having a hard time understanding how best to use them. My head can’t wrap around the math. I am paying off my Apple Card so that there is no interest.

My Apple Credit Card gives

* 1% cash back on all purchases
* 2% cash back on Apple Pay purchases
* 3% cash back on Apple store purchases

My One Finance Account

* Rounds up purchases made with the debit card and auto-saves it to a high yield 3% APY account (so at most $1 per transaction)
* Offers a 1% APY account that I can freely put up to $25,000

Do I just use my Apple Card and then put the cash back into my 1% account? Or do I make some sort of rule to take advantage of the rounding up so some more goes into the 3% account?



Edit: Thank you for all your input! It definitely makes more sense to save the cash back rather than doing the rounding up. The idea of compound 3% interest just seemed really appealing and made my brain derp.