What rent can we afford?

My girlfriend and I currently live at home with our parents but are planning on moving out in the July-August timeframe to rent an apartment together. Both of us have our first big-person jobs so we’re brand spanking new to this. We’re in the process of figuring out our budget, but I’ve been reading contradictory rules of thumb on the internet when it comes to how much we should allocate towards rent. I’m just curious what you all think. Quick rundown:

Household annual income: 81k/year

Combined savings: ~25,000

No student loan debt (god bless our parents)

Her credit score: ~750

My credit score: 660 (late on some bills as a dumb college kid)

I have a car lease that comes out to 400/mo, insurance included

Her car is bought and paid for, her insurance is 90/mo

Given all this, what do you think we realistically qualify for in terms of rent? If any other information is needed, I am happy to provide it.