My 2022 Investment Changes – What do you advise?

Employed full time. Married with two kids, one in college (a sophomore) and another a is a junior in high school and plans on attending college.

Just over $1m in my Vanguard 401k. I contribute via paycheck deduction 18% each pay. Company matches up to first 6%.

We have Roth IRAs for myself and wife through TD Ameritrade but have not contributed to them in years. I opened up with $5k and put it all in Apple, Tesla, and Starbucks stock about 7 years ago. They’ve done quite well. I’d like to just leave those as is and contribute going forward to an index fund.

We have 529 for the kids that will pay for one year total (both kids). I will cash flow the rest.

Have $90k in savings account earning little interest. I have that much in there for the upcoming college expenses, particularly when both kids are enrolled at same time. We don’t qualify for any finaid.

I’m now 50 years old so I can do catch-ups. No debts other than mortgage (we’re right-sized up – $220k left on house valued at $550k, with 15 years left to pay it off).

I’m thinking:

1. Reduce the 401k paycheck deductions down some and divert them to fully fund each of our Roth IRAs.
2. Continue aggressively saving cash in the savings account.
3. Up the 529 contributions, which currently are $400 per month total, to $550 total.