401k: Are these reallocation fees normal? Are my allocations “worth it” or should I reduce the number of funds I invest in?

Every 401k contribution (2x per month) I pay almost $7 in reallocation fees (so just to invest in the fund via Principal) in the following:

83% in FXIAX for a fee around $4

Alt fund: JP Morgan Equity Income R6 fund and PGIM Jennison Growth Z fund

9% in Fidelity Small Cap for a fee around 40 cents

Alt fund: Franklin small cap value r 6, James Henderson enterprise n fund, James Henderson triton n fund

8% in Vanguard mid cap for a feee around 55 cents

They group this with small cap so same alternates

I no longer contribute to Vanguard total international but am paying around 1.90 in fees every month because I’m still invested in it.

Principal also charges $25 per quarter in addition to the fees above. Are these normal 401k fees? Anything I can or should reduce? There are many target date funds but I prefer to not hold bonds (I’m 26).

Thank you!