Multiple inquiries? s

In looking to take out a loan for an RV, I’m going to want the lowest rate possible. I don’t know that the lender will provide a hard rate w/o having run a credit check on me. Would they? I can’t imagine they would.

If, after having thier check on me, I am not agreeable to the rate…I move on to another lender…etc..until I find a rate that is acceptable (maybe not because) are all these inquires going to hurt my credit rating/worthiness?

I haven’t taken out a loan since 2002( 4 yr loan for a car – paid back in 2 yrs); there should be no derogatory comments on file; no bankruptcy; mortgage from 2002 also…past 2 yrs been making double or quadruple mortgage payments; no late or missed cc payments …pretty boring stuff…FICO from my Discover card hovers in 800s – never going below….same story for the SO…although only 1 of us will be signing for loan.