Quick 529 Question – considering 2nd child, splitting funding into multiple 529s in future

I’m pretty sure the answer is yes but just to confirm:

I have a 529 account that is all my money for my only child who is 1.5 years old. I want to front load it with money to make the most of the investment longevity. If I later have a second kid, can I use part of the money in another 529 for the second kid?

I know you can change 529 beneficiaries- the issue is splitting the money among multiple children if I have another kid, rather than changing the beneficiary of the account with the total sum intact.

Just for clarification – this is all my money not gifts to my child from other people and I am high income so anticipate being able to pay 100% for any college for multiple kids. Just in case anyone was concerned I’m considering ripping off a teen’s college fund or something.