Starting a new job in a few weeks, what do I do with my new benefits?

Alright, so I landed a new job with a raise of 27, roughly $400 extra each bi-weekly check. How do I make the most of of. I already own my home, have 20K in my old companies 401K, new company pays $75 a month towards student loans. I’m 24 and this is huge for me so I want to set myself up as best as possible.

•20k in old 401K, do I roll into Roth IRA?

•Do I just pay minimum on student loans now that I get free money towards loans? (21K remaining)

• I already own a home (Purchased March 2021), should I put extra money each check into a Roth IRA?

• Most likely will be hiring a dog walker @ $75 a week due to change in schedule.

• New 401k is basically the same as old 401K so I was continue contributing 10% of my money, their contribution is 1% on the dollar, 2-5% matched at 60%. (Is my logic okay or is it just worth contributing the 5?)