Job elimination/severance package

Elimination of position

Hello everyone, I am in a tough spot and I am looking for a bit of guidance in case some of you have faced a similar situation.

I was recently informed by HR that my position is being eliminated following a restructuring exercise. The conversation was very vague in terms of why my position is no longer considered needed – I am in mid-level management. However, they made it clear that they are looking for a different skill set and I wasn’t even told what the new position will be or ask to consider applying for it.

It’s been a couple of weeks since I was made aware of what will happen and I have already been applying for different positions since it feels like I can be let go on any day now. I am meeting with my boss soon and I am wondering how to bring up the conversation of a severance package? Should I start this conversation with my boss directly or with HR? To be honest, I am disappointed in the way my boss handled the situation because he never gave me any clue that something like that was going to happen until the meeting was scheduled with HR and even then, he let HR do all the talking. What severance package could I realistically ask for or what I can realistically expect to get? I have been working for the company for a few years making $100k.