Is this a typical rental clause?

My boyfriend and I have decided to move in together. He recently renewed his one year rental agreement in December (circumstances changed recently to cause our plans to be altered for us to move in together way earlier than we expected). His rent is $800 a month and the early cancellation fee is $2300 plus he forfeits the $500 security deposit. It’s been a while since I’ve rented an apartment but that amount to cancel a lease seems insane to me. You can see that it’s still a savings to move in together now rather than waiting for December…but that cancellation fee is a lot of money!

Do you all have any suggestions on whether I could negotiate with the landlord on this? With the current rental shortage I’m wondering if I can ask them if we could just pay the rent until they find a new tenant, or for three months, whichever comes first. Is that a reasonable thing to ask? Or ask them if we could pay the full amount but get the security deposit back since he has kept the apartment very clean? I’ve never been a landlord so I don’t know if they normally do any negotiating at all and what circumstances they might be willing to accept a deal.