Buying a manufactured home VS buying a home that needs renovating

To make a long story short, I live in Austin and have been an apartment renter for about 4 years now. Due to the housing market and Covid, apartments are now about 1,700 for a 2 bed 2 bath (I currently only pay 1,120). I don’t want to pay that for a property I’ll never own, so I applied for a loan and was pre-approved for 220K. Unfortunately in Austin, that won’t buy much of anything. So one option is buying a house that needs some work, an hour away from Austin.

The other option my wife and I are considering is putting a manufactured home on an acre of land that was given to us by my father in law. It sounds like a no brainer because manufactured homes look nice, are cheaper, and the land we’d be on is only a 15 minute drive from Austin.

The only reason I’m here, is because doing some research, it looks like manufactured homes aren’t always a great idea, but right now we just need a place to live and can’t afford to pay 1,700 for a place we’ll never own.