Rental with oil heat in PA need advise.

I’m looking at moving into a rental and trying to figure out a budget that works for me and my brother. The rental is 1500 and we pay for electric and oil heat, I’ve never had oil heat so I’m not sure how it works. I talked with the landlord yesterday and they said we pay for them to refill it when it reaches about 1/4 of a tank and it looked to be about half a tank. The house has electric heating for the water and I’m pretty sure it’s all electric appliances, the only thing the oil is used to heat is the house and it seems to do pretty well with retaining heat and has new windows. I currently live in an apartment for 1100 and it’s all electric but I’m having issues with my neighbors below and need to move out but I’m worried about the budget when increasing the rent to 1500 plus the cost of oil. Any advise? I currently make 15 dollars an hour with 40 hours a week and my brother makes 17.50 at 25 hours a week but I am planning on switching jobs to one that pays 21.50 with 40 hours a week as well.