Need help figuring out how to pay for college.

I had to stay on campus during winter break for work reasons and a family member who is especially vulnerable to covid, and they did not give me the cost until a week before fall semester ended. I had no idea they would even charge me and after financial aid it comes out to $1300. I have till the end of march to pay it off and I cannot think of how. I’m still fighting with my school about getting my bill lowered due to lack of basic utilities but that’s something that’s probably not gonna happen.
I work part time (25-35 hours/ week) and am getting a second job that will hopefully add another 12-15 hours but I take 9 classes a semester and can’t work much more than that. Most I can do is $100-150 a week towards my bill until or if I can get a second job.
A payment plan requires a $400 down payment and the down payment goes up the longer I take to save up for it.
My bank doesn’t offer loans smaller than 2k and I’m not putting myself through that unless it’s my absolute last resort.
My school doesn’t take discover credit cards.
I’ve been thinking of getting a Mastercard which my school accepts, putting part of the bill on there and close it when I get the statement paid off but I don’t know anything about credit cards and I don’t know how much that would screw me over later.
I know this whole situation was probably lack of planning on my part but any advice would be appreciated!