Company took 1k out of my 401k

So this morning I got an email stating that my company took 1025.53 out of my 401k on 12/31/2021 because the company messed up and started matching me before I was eligible for company matching (requires 1yr of employment)

From January 2021 to July 2021 they were matching me based on the percentage I put in. I double checked the employee handbook and it is infact a 1yr wait time before company matching

Do I have a say in this matter legally? is it legal? if it is legal then I’ll just cut my losses and move on but this just seems very unprofessional. This is my first corporate job ever so I’m still very new to everything in the corporate environment.


EDIT: wow the replies were fast. Thank you everyone. Mistakes happen and I just wasn’t sure about everything. I appreciate everyone clarifying it for me!