How do you keep track of all your financial goals?

I’m looking for a better way to manage my money that is more than budgeting and tracking expenses. Perhaps a next level to that: something that tracks my short & long term goals together with my monthly budget, and tells me how/when I can reach them, especially if I have more than one goal with their own target dates (ex: buy a house, holiday, invest, etc). Something that can answer questions like: What happens when I go over the budget for this month & how will my budget look like for the next months? How far should I adjust my target date? What if I have an unexpected but not emergency expense, how can I squeeze that in with other saving targets?

By the way, I’m in the UK but I also want to know if a tool/site/app like this already exists outside the UK. I have tried apps here like YNAB. However, these are created to be budgeting apps. They tell me how much money I’ve spent so far and how much I have left to spend until my next payday. I guess I’m looking for the next level? I was wondering if there’s a better way to do it. Thanks!