Attempting to get off Disability and start working – need opinions on moving forward

Will try to be concise. I am on Social Security Disability and have been my whole adult life. Originally I was only on SSI, then I was transferred to regular Disability as a Disabled Adult Child (DAC) because I was declared disabled when my dad was taking out retirement. So I am technically disabled under his retirement, and I get more than SSI but not by a whole lot. I was on disability because of my severe anxiety and panic attacks. But I’ve come a long way since then and I am ready to join the workforce for a company I did some side work for.

This is where it gets way more confusing than needed. I don’t have much in savings right now. Living mostly paycheck to paycheck. The only way I afford my apartment is via section-8 (low-income). I make $1200 a month on disability. My current rent is $250. If I make more than ~19k a year I cannot quality for low income apartments from my understanding. But this company wants to hire me 16 hours a week at $11.50 an hour. I’ve done the math – if I subtract what Social Security will take away from my disability for working part time, and then add the amount I would make working, I would make about $1600 a month. Which is just above the threshold for my apartment complex (determined by HUD). So if I did it this way I would lose my apartment. And market rent apartments here are about $700 a month. Which would be half my paycheck. I would hardly be in a better place than just staying on Social Security and not working.

As you might imagine, this is incredibly frustrating. I cannot save money because they’ll take me off Social Security once I reach 2k in the bank. I cannot work a minimum wage job without losing my apartment. I’d have to either work full time, OR work a higher paying job in order to jump out of this hole, but far enough so I don’t end up worse than I was. But if I work full time I will lose both my apartment and Social Security altogether. I feel like I being punished for trying to better myself. I feel stuck financially, and I have no idea what to do.

I’m 25. I have no car payments (I do have a car though), no student loans, no credit card debt, no loans of any kind, and no medical debt. Also no mortgage. I would stay on social security and just save if I could, but social security gets real annoyed when you save money they gave you. ANY and ALL advice is appreciated. Thank you!