how is the “30% of income for rent” rule even remotely applicable anymore

how many people are even actually following this rule?

i’m confused at how this 30% income rule is even remotely applicable anymore. it’s literally impossible in most us cities with average middle class income to manage this.

if you make 50,000 that’s really 33,000 after taxes. and that makes your available rent price to be $825. which doesn’t exist in any cities

your only options is to have roommates or live in a sketchy area. which like when you’re moving to a completely new area is hard to find. and i also don’t want roommates i just lived with other people for 4 years i thought i was supposed to be done with this

a year ago i ran my own business online. and i was making 71,000 on my own. and was able to easily afford rent in my one bedroom Houston apartment for $980. i always made sure i was within 30%

this business proved to be unstable and i’ve begun applying for entry level jobs with my degree. and i’m shocked at how this 30% rule is even possible. it’s impossible to find rent in any major city that wouldn’t at least be 45% of your income.

wouldn’t it make more sense for the rule to be like 40% instead?