Florida: Advice on finding an moving and finding a place to rent, low income

Hi, I’m using a throwaway account because I’m kinda nervous posting something personal about this, also I’m not sure what flair to use here so I apologize if it’s the wrong one. I am also a little naive on the details of some of this, so I’ll try to explain to the best of my abilities

So some context about my situation:

So my parents and I live in FL, and we’ve been living in a section 8 low income apartment for around 6 years or so. I’m a 26 year old student working on getting his bachelors and have also just recently reached the lifetime limit of getting the Pell grant. We’ve have been for the past year, about 2 years now with the new year, have been dealing with a worthless mother who lives above us on the 3rd floor (we’re on second) who refuses to discipline her kids, and lets them run around the apartment all day and night up to 4AM causing us to get little to no sleep, to the point where I’m starting to get in negative moods from just the banging noise itself, and affecting my school performance from the lack of sleep too (these apartments are built cheap with no sound insulation so we here everything).

We’ve complained to the apartment all year and haven’t seen and meaningful results, we’ve contacted the police at night almost every night throughout the year, each night documented to tell her to keep her kids quiet, but no results. The officers have informed us that this is a civil matter between us, her, and the apartment and there isn’t much they can do other than knock on the door and document it. They have suggested to either try and find a new place to move, or possibly take it to court with the apartment over not abiding by the leasing agreement, or take her to court, but that could result in lots of money spent with the suit and possibly a lawyer.

We’ve decided to try to move out of here by the end of Feb 2022, possible early march for 2 reasons.

1. The apartment service sucks in general. The entire community is very ghetto filled with pot smokers, unsupervised kids, vandalism, lack of proper rule enforcement, we’ve even had two shootings in this area since we’ve lived here, and just in general a trashy place to live at.
2. Our leasing agreement ends around March 2022, and we don’t plan on renewing it nor can we because now the apartment is asking for my parents bank statements, and is asking how am I paying for rent which I haven’t because I’m a student. I’m a little finicky here because I just don’t know anything about the leasing, or the renting, or any of the paperwork in general outside of just signing the necessary documents my parents ask me to sign for the lease (this is just for the lease, otherwise I’m sure to read every other document I sign).

My Dad is a retired veteran, 100% disabled according to the VA, and gets a monthly income of around $3000 or so, and my mom works as a caretaker that makes $2880 per month. I get money from the VA via Chapter 35 Educational Assistance, where I get money from the VA to help pay for my school at the 1st of every month (it starts off small because I haven’t had a full month of school in August for example, but then is normal payment after September.), and I get more money depending on my enrollment status such as half-time, part-time, full-time. Just this fall I’ve made $4674.28 from Chapter 35, but $2k of it has gone just to pay the rest of my tuition. I don’t have any debts including student loans. My parents have been trying to build their credit to possibly get a housing loan through the VA with the first time buyer loan.

I’ll be honest I’m kinda scared, worried, and just really don’t know what to do in this situation. I haven’t talked to my parents about making this post, but I felt like I needed advice from the outside to help me help us. Ill be happy to try to answer some questions and happy to get some advice.