Is there any merit to leveraging 3 properties and taking out a loan, as a business, to increase the portfolio?

Basically, as above.

The 3 properties currently held are to be inherited. My parents are in a financially comfortable position and are retired. The family home would not be leveraged.

Of course, it depends entirely on picking the right property – I am UK-based.

However, am I crazy in thinking it may be worthwhile to spread our risk (currently exclusively in the stock market) and gain rental income + capital appreciation? By my calculations we would be making a couple thousand per year, per property.

I understand many view being a landlord as a “full time job”. That’s fine, there’s 4 of us to spread the workload around and I do a lot to conveyancing at work so could hopefully keep legal fees low.

Edit: So, we have 3 properties now in the region of £650k combined. My idea would be to leverage these properties for a loan to buy another £400k worth of property, collecting a combined circa £2,000 per month in rent.