W4 – how to claim “0” on new form?

Hi everyone, I was hoping someone could help me figure how to claim “0” under the new W4 form. I understand you can’t literally claim 0 like the old form, but I am hoping to have the maximum amount taken out (I would rather a larger refund)

I was told that even though I’m married filing jointly – I could check “single / married filing separately” and leave the rest of the form blank in order to get the largest refund? But I also read claiming “single” will give the equivalent of 2 exceptions on the old form – in which case I would likely owe money next year

I make about 160,000 and wife makes about 80,000. No children currently.

I was hoping someone could guide me on the right way to do this. I’m confusing myself the more and more I read. Thanks for considering!