If You Had A 5 year Old 55k Lump Sum Pension Deposit Sitting in a Schwab IRA What Would You Buy?

**TL;DR** **IRA recommendations at Schwab or just move it to Vanguard**

Age 70. Retired. I know about RMD’s. Just sold everything in the IRA and the money is in the settlement fund. I was previously invested in all sorts of crap REITS, BOND FUNDS, a 99% equity ETF and stuff that I just bought on a whim (this IRA fund is not what I am counting on going forward in retirement)

My practical side is partial to the SWYLX Schwab Target 2020 Index Fund and the SWYDX Schwab Target 2025 Index Fund just to keep it simple. I’m also OK with an ETF composed of 60% Equities.

What bothers me some about the 2020 and 2025 target date funds at Schwab seems to be that they only have 400m and 600m or so respectively in each of them. This pales in comparison to what the corresponding Vanguard funds have available to invest.

I’ve thought about transferring the Schwab IRA over to Vanguard and I can’t think of any good reason not to. I already have most of my retirement money at Vanguard anyway.

However if I don’t decide to move the IRA what Schwab vehicle would you invest in. TIA.