Question about property value

I inherited my aunt’s Hawaiian condo (1 bed, 1 bath, patio). It’s nothing fancy. It’s not in the tourist areas or close to the beach.

It’s selling points are that it’s a corner apartment and it’s across the street from Scofield Barracks.

I got a tax notice in the mail and it said they value it $222k.

If I put it on the market right now, will I be able to sell it for that much? Higher? Lower?

How much will the value go up if I renovate? Right now, it’s kind of a dump. My aunt didn’t take great care of it. The carpet is decades old. She smoked heavily and had cats. The kitchen looks like it was thrown together from spare parts. I already had to buy a used fridge to replace hers. The plumbing is…ugh….

I’m living in it now but want to move back to Kansas eventually with a small nest egg in hand. Just wondering how big that nest egg could be.