Would it benefit me to put my homebuying money into a SEP-IRA, even if it’s only short-term?

First of all, I want to make it clear that I have a call with a CPA in about 12 hours to go over this. But I am so at sea with it, I’d really appreciate some insight and seeing some opinions before jumping into the call, just so I understand what’s being said/suggested.

Long story short, I made way more this year than anticipated and underpaid on my quarterly estimates (I’m self-employed, single person LLC, and this is my first year ever over $40k). This isn’t a catastrophic problem, as I’ve been saving to buy a home, which means I still have a lot of the money sitting in my savings account. So I can easily pay it.

But it’s been suggested that I dump some of it into a SEP-IRA or Solo401k to reduce my tax liability. Problem being, I do want to buy a home next year, which is what most of my savings are earmarked for. It has come to my attention that SEP-IRA’s (at least on the site I looked, Fidelity, I believe) won’t have an early withdrawal penalty if it’s for a first time home purchase. Obviously I’ll still need to pay the taxes on it regardless, so I’m not sure if it’s even worth the trouble.

I am a little bummed my home purchase is likely going to be put off by a few months. I originally wanted to jump on a suitable property in Jan/Feb, but now I’ll probably need to toss $44k to the IRS, which is a huge chunk of my savings, womp womp.

Anyway, idk what I’m asking specifically, just if you see something that pings you as obvious, I’d love if you could let me know!

Some deets:

– $225k gross annual
– Paid $18k estimated
– Probably going to owe $30k federal and $14k state (SC)
– I have $150k in savings and $60k coming in the next week

Thanks in advance!