What strategy would you do? trying to convert CC debt to lower interest, being stymied by the fact that I have….a lot of CC debt

So, I am not sure if it’s just because my CU is being a bit of a Credit Union… NT. ……but, I’m trying to convert my higher interest CC debt into something lower interest, like a HELOC or a secured loan.

background: I have about 70K in CC debt, approx. 94% credit utilization (horrible, I know). I also am a home owner, with (currently), about 200K in equity in my home. I have about 18K in student loans, and about 5K in a previous debt consolidation with Upstart (NEVER AGAIN). My income is in the low 6 figures.

My mortgage is an FHA loan, 30 year fixed, with PMI, about 2.5% APY interest. Monthly payment is about $2250/mo, outstanding balance is about $365K.

I’m in an OK spot. kind of a PITA because about 40% of my take home pay is being put towards CC debt, and I’d like to move that over to any kind of debt where I can be under 15%. My average CC interest is around 20%.

What options do I have? I did go the CU route, they turned me down because apparently I have too much CC debt…..despite me telling them specifically that I was doing this to remove that revolving debt.

I’m ALMOST to the point where I might maybe, sorta, kinda, call one of the places that keep sending me junk mail.