Unique unemployment question

I have a very tricky unemployment question. I am not currently unemployed, however if I were to end up fired from my job, would I be eligible to receive unemployment benefits and how much?


I have lived in Washington for a little over a year (14 months)

I worked my last role for 3 years, and switched to my new role around 4 months ago.

Yes there is some overlap with moving, no my last job didn’t know I moved my last year.

Here is the tricky parts. The new company was purchased by another company and I have received an offer letter that begins my employment under the new company (and officially under my new boss) on January 1st. She already plans to let go of a brand new coworker (contractor) of mine and replace them on January 1st (they don’t know), and fired my boss a few weeks ago.

If I were to lose my job, I’m just wondering if I would be covered with unemployment with my new salaries wage (65k/yr). Any advice is appreciated.