Should I finance a car at 19?


I’ve recently started a new job, I’m sub-contracting making roughly 3.5-4.5k a month (roughly 40-60 a year, depending on how certain jobs go, there is guaranteed pay, and that bottoms out at around 39.5 for the year) and reliability is somewhat important now that I’m moving around in large towns and highways more to tend to properties. I try to move some gaming consoles and stuff through Facebook marketplace on the side for a few hundred extra bucks a month, so that by itself would cover my payment. I have a 2007 328i w/ 80k miles now, and there was an accident but I was thankfully covered by the other drivers insurance, and am looking into selling the car (roughly 9k where I’m at) and putting about $10k down on a 23-26k vehicle. I have zero debt, and my parents are well-off so I have a place to live for the next 3ish years while I amass income and savings for a housing endeavor. I am currently contributing about $80 a week into my Roth, but looking to max my contributions soon. My father has gotten me a credit score of 840 through the ‘adolescent credit method’ and I have roughly $230k in paystubs dating back to when I was 14. My father also swears they won’t ask him to co-sign. I want the warranty and assurances that I can receive by spending this much and financing a much newer, lower mileage vehicle. I will mention I am looking at a particularly frowned upon car(s), as I’m considering 2012-15 S4s and 335s instead of being disappointed with another 328 or an A4. Feel free to talk me out of it, lol. I’ve also got a completely clean driving record (was ruled not at fault and counter-sued for the aforementioned incident) and I have yet to be pulled over, as I’d rather floor it where I’m allowed to and can safely do so, so I’m confident I can control myself in a high-powered car. Thanks for any advice!

Edit: I’m also looking on incorporating an aftermarket warranty depending on the circumstances, so advice on that is appreciated.