Seeking Advice on how to save money with barely anything left over.

Hey, no judgement please. I am currently enrolled in university and I can’t get a job because I have depression and anxiety and go to therapy weekly because of it. It’s terrible. They’re also testing me for bipolar and have recently diagnosed me with ADHD. (I got diagnosed when I was young, but my parents said the doctors were wrong). I am so broke it’s not even funny. I can’t afford anything. I don’t have friends so not being able to afford to go out isn’t really an issue. I get paid $300 a week from the government, $200 of that goes towards rent/bills. The remaining $100 a week goes towards food/gas/etc. I was just wondering if there’s any advice anybody could give me? I feel really alone and I don’t want this to be my life for the next 4 years while I study. I am trying to save enough to eventually borrow from the bank to buy a house in Australia because there is a house and land package for 400K and it’s a 4 bedroom which means I’d eventually be able to start my own family without worrying. However… as you can clearly see my dilemma, with being left with only $100 a week, and my phone bill being $172 a month (because I was stupid and bought it on a plan I can’t get off yet) – you can see how I would have absolutely no savings at all. I don’t tell anybody about my financial situations and everyone thinks I’m doing way better. I just need some financial advice because I feel like I’m doing it all wrong.

Thanks in advance.
Sorry for the kinda long post.