Planning on saving about half my salary in January, any tips

Due to an error on my behalf I need to top up my savings by a fair amount. My idea is that January is typically a quiet month anyway and we may be heading into more covid restrictions in my country, so better to do it in one gargantuan effort rather than over a few months. I’m planning on not buying anything relating to disposable income, not buying alcohol, minimising travel. I already cook everything from scratch anyway so know I can reduce my costs that way with some minor changes. Only thing I’m budgeting for is things I would ordinarily buy for the kids, like little treats. No point them suffering for my errors. Also a minor amount for optimism bias.

Just wondering if anyone has done this and any tips or pointers. I’m especially thinking about my frame of mind. I’ve grown used to moderating my mood though low level purchases which I won’t be doing.