Picking Health Insurance Options

I’m exceptionally lucky that I currently have the option of several good health insurance plans (public servant life)… but need help picking which one. Obviously, there are so many details, but I tried to condense it.

Husband (25M) has a $6k deductible/12k out of pocket max family plan that is free for the whole family. I do not believe husband can opt out (union thing). Co-pays are $30/each for regular appointments.

I have access to three different plans each with $750 deductible/$4500 out of pocket max per family, all with slightly different benefits. Cost of each plan ranges from $50 to $95 per month for us both. If I opt out, I would receive $233/month (unknown if this is pre or post-tax). Co-pays for regular appointments are $10-15 each.

We are each healthy individuals, but participate in med/high risk sports. Ie if something were to go wrong, it would go very wrong ($$). Husband relies on daily oral medications to stay alive, cost of these out of pocket are about $300/month retail, insurance brings this down to a fraction of it.

We have combined finances.

Would it be better for me to go on his plan (and receive the opt-out $$ to build a health fund?), or him on mine? Or stay on our own? Anything else to consider?