Lease vs. Buy 2022 Car $50 monthly payment difference


Will be heading the dealership tomorrow to possibly purchase my first car tomorrow (2022 Kia Forte LXS). Current price is $21,500. I am wondering given the $50 difference in monthly payments would it be better to lease or buy in this situation.

Lease: 36 month
$1,500 cash down
$1,500 trade in
$650 rebates/coupons
$650.00 acquisition fee
$2,000 other fees
$18 sales tax

Lease payment: $277/month
Insurance: $146/month

Buy: 72 month 3.25% apr
$2000 cash down
$1500 trade in
$0 rebates/coupons
$1,400 sales tax
$2000 other fees

Finance payment : $327
Insurance $111/month

Will be relocating from Florida to California in 6 months and they offered to deduct shipping cost to California from lease payments if needed. What should I be thinking in this situation and how should I go about negotiating tomorrow? Thank you so much