I’m 65, & Disabled, looking for advice.

I’m 65, & Disabled in a wheelchair. I’m filling out the paperwork to start collecting my pension. The Company I used to work for has a split formula for setting up your pension payments.

Part 1 RCA Pension Benefit
Life with 5yr Guarantee. (Automatic Payment Method)
149.20 a month, with a Lump-Sum Option of 29,347.70

Part 2 GE/Trans Ops Pension Benefit
Life with 5yr Guarantee. ( Automatic Payment Method)
618.79 a month. ( No Lump-Sum Option )

Part 3 Personal Pension Account
Life with 5yr Guarantee. (Automatic Payment Method)
30.81 a month, with a Lump-Sum Option of 5,800.10

There is also an RCA Alternate Pension Benefit Option that would essentially combine all the Automatic Options into 1 payment each month of 821.08

I’m leaning towards the Lump-Sum for Part 1, & rolling the Automatic Payments in Parts 2 & 3 together, giving me a monthly payment of 649.60, & 29,347.70 to invest.
Currently, I only have my disability income of 1999.00 a month; no frills, certainly, but survivable for 10 yrs so far.
(I lost my leg in a Hurricane)
The extra 649.60 a month would absolutely help my day-to-day life, but I think being able to invest a significant amount of money (to me) of 29,347..70 could be more helpful to me than an additional 149.20 a month.
(Possibly Bitcoin, I Bonds? High-Yield Fidelity Funds?)
I have no family, no heirs. I live simply, no cars,
no expensive habits, no drugs, smoking, gambling, etc…
I have a track record with Credit Karma of paying every single bill 100% on time for more than 10 yrs.
I would like to ultimately buy the house I rent.
(Approx. 300k) Because I’m single,& Disabled, part of the 1040EZ form states that I do not owe any taxes, unless I were to make more than 50k in a year. I’m not sure how a Pension would count for taxes. Any Advice?