Hilton Grand Vacations refuses to cancel timeshare agreement part 2

This post is an update on [this post yesterday](https://www.reddit.com/r/personalfinance/comments/rhl4bb/hilton_grand_vacations_refuses_to_cancel/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)explaining how Hilton is refusing to cancel a timeshare agreement.

Summary of the prior post: Hilton snagged my girlfriend and cousin into signing up for a timeshare. When I found out about it, I had them cancel the timeshare agreement the next day in the same office that signed them up. Salesman said it will be canceled and be like it never happened, and to expect a refund on the card in 4 weeks. 4 weeks goes by, no refund, so we issued a chargeback by Amex. A few more weeks, chargeback is reversed due to the Hilton claiming agreement was never canceled, and they are re-billing my girlfriends card for the down payment.

Today, I went to the Hilton to inquire if the contract was cancelled as requested. They stated that they never received notice of the cancellation. The cancellation period is 15 days after the date of signing, and it was signed 10/29/21. It was cancelled 10/30/2021 in the same office. I provided the notice of cancellation that they had my girlfriend and cousin sign in their office and told them the salesman made a copy and told us he would cancel it. But since I can’t remember who the salesman was, they are saying that they have no way of verifying that we came in the next day to sign it and turn it in. “Not that we are questioning your integrity, but for all we know, you could have signed it yesterday”. They said they would escalate it and have management review it and get back to me in a week or so.

Now, I happen to be a certified notary public. I think I might be able to notarize the notice of cancellation since I was actually there that day and witnessed my girlfriend and cousin sign the notice of cancellation in front of me, and we gave it to the salesman. Might be a grey area since I would be notarizing a document that is dated in the past, but it was still signed in front of me nonetheless. She is not legally my family nor does she share my last name, so it should work.

I also happen to work for an attorneys office, and he has told me that if they don’t cancel it, I could sue them for punitive damages resulting from resulting damaged credit (if we were to not pay it), and it would end up costing them money by having their in house counsel have to deal with it. It wouldn’t cost me anything since my office would be helping me with it.

My plan is to wait a week and see what Hilton concludes about our notice of cancellation. If they decide that the notice wasn’t given to them on 10/30/2021 as we claim, then I plan to notarize the document and have Amex issue the chargeback using the updated notarized document as support. Another option I was thinking was having our office send a letter of representation and have my boss try to sort it out with their legal department (he is happy to) and perhaps go to mediation with me if necessary.

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated, it’s hard to believe how aggressive they are being with this.