Gf’s car is having random issues and she owes 6k at 22% apr.

It’s a 2012 Chevy volt with 72k miles. KBB values a 2012 Chevy Volt with 85k miles at around $10k.

I think the car is a gimmick, it’s EV range is 30 miles, it needs to be charged every night. The Internal combustion engine struggles when the EV battery is depleted. I’m talking LOUD rpms as if the car won’t shift ,but this is by design… there’s no tachometer either so it’s nerve racking. On two occasions the car has billowed white smoke out the back. I have a hunch the head gasket is blown and will leak coolant into the pistons but I can’t correlate the cause to anything yet. Car still works fine for now… gonna do diagnostic on Sunday.

She’s built up her credit to around 650-670. Should we sell it and put a down payment on a more reliable car at a lower apr? Last thing we need right now is for her car to shit out and rack up a potential bill that’s likely to be half of what she owes.. not sure what to do, some advice would be gratefully appreciated.