Funds to invest in for retiring early

I’m currently in my early 20s. My goal is to retire around my 40s. Here’s the situation (I use vanguard):

I have a Roth IRA with the target retirement fund 2065. I also will open a Roth 401k with the same fund once I start my first job. I plan on maxing out my IRA every year (since that isn’t much) and putting enough in my Roth 401k to get all my employer’s match. These are set for 2065 since I won’t be withdrawing from them until 2060 anyway.

Since I’m not planning to max out the 401k, I’ll have more money to put into another mutual fund account, which hopefully will have enough by the time I’m 40 for me to retire with it and live off the passive income. My question is, what funds or ETFs should I use for this? I don’t think I should use the target retirement fund 2040 since that goes conservative too quickly nor the 2065 since thats not meant for this, but is there another fund that auto adjusts between the vanguard US total market index fund, vanguard international total market index fund, and other good index funds? Or are there other better funds and ETFs? Which funds and ETFs do you guys recommend?