Am I doing okay in life for my age?

I turned 18 in July. I have graduated high school, I currently work as a pharmacy technician making 16.50 an hour, which is over twice minimum wage in my state, rent an apartment with my name on the lease, I have my own phone and bill/plan, pay for my own groceries, gas and most other basic necessities. I was a stupid teenager and didn’t save any money and wasn’t able to for a while but I have 500 dollars in my savings at the moment. I haven’t had a late or missed payment on anything thus far. I’m getting in my own head about my job and how financially independent I am vs where I should be, though I don’t know anyone else my age who’s even moved out. I’m not trying to get in over my head with bills and potential debt so I’m only taking on what I can, when I can.

Am I doing alright?