Advice for retirement

I’ve been in a tight financial spot my entire life. I’ve never been good with money. My
mindset has always been, if I can survive, I’m good. Ive matured a lot in the past couple of years and one of my first issues I want to resolve is to square away retirement money.

I make 68k a year, am 95k in student loan debt. I have no credit card debt or any car payment. My rent is 1400 a month. I can barely save based on my situation. I want to invest, but can only afford to invest peanuts a month.

Every month I am putting 200 into stocks, 300 into my 403b, and 150 into crypto. I work for the state (teacher) and have put in 11 years which has earned me 50% medical coverage at retirement. In order to reach 100%, I have to invest 30 years, which I plan on doing. I am 40 years old.

With my student loan debt, I’m thinking of just paying the minimum until I die. I just can’t afford that amount and it was a dumb decision that I made when I was 19……100% my fault.

Question is, what can I do differently? Thank you very much in advance.