Active Duty -Complex Situation

Hey y’all so I’m active duty stationed in Texas. I’m in a unique situation and am looking for advice on if this is the best method of approach or if there’s something else I should be doing.

I follow the Dave Ramsey plan and am on Baby Step 2 (pay off debt except mortgage). The only other debt I have is my car which will be paid off in April. I bought a house when I moved here. Some would say it’s a bad idea but I think it was a blessing. My mother who’s disabled had to leave her home to run from hurricanes and I was the closest and safest place. Her home was badly damaged and unlivable so I moved her in with me.

I’m an only child, no kids, or husband and am in my early 20s for context.

My question is, when it’s time to make extra payments on the house, should I pay to the mortgage directly or should I put the extra money into a Roth and let it grow in hopes that I can pay it off sooner?

(Not a finance question) we plan on selling the house once it’s fixed. My mom has said once my car is paid off she would give me $8k of the profit of the home for Baby Step 3 so I can start Baby Step 4 sooner. Should I except it or does it sound like I’m using my disabled mom?

Any advice on home owner hacks are welcome!