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He earns a lot, but has significant student loan debt. Should I ask for a pre-nup?

In the very early stages of my engagement and trying to figure out the best financial move.

Fiancé makes about $250k a year but has over $200k in student loan debt in addition to a car loan of 31k.

His field does have high earning potential but we do live in Washington, DC. While the salary is great…it doesn’t go as far as it would elsewhere.

I will likely make around 70-90k over the next couple of years and if I stay on my current path could bring in about 200k within 5. That is if we stay in DC with its inflated incomes. I have 0 debt to my name.

Not sure what the best move is. While he is the bread winner by a longshot – his debt scares me.

Would I be foolish to ask for a prenup given our current income gap? Would I be responsible for his debt should it not work out?

Is it better to roll my old company’s 401k into my personal Roth, or new company’s 401 plan?

I was only there a couple years and I have a little over 30k in the account.

I like the option of vanguard funds in my personal Roth, but understand that I’ll pay taxes on the rollover as I’m taking pre tax dollars and putting it into a post tax fund.

I don’t qualify for my newer company’s 401k plan for about another 6-8 weeks. I could roll it into my Roth now.

I just don’t know what’s smarter. My new company plan only offers targeted date funds with diversification in American stocks and bonds.

All advice appreciated. Thanks

Was a foolish for paying off my student loans in its entirety?

So I had hefty loans (>60k) that I was really hoping to have some sort of relief from but we all know how that went down. So after hemming and hawing for months, I closed my eyes, pinched my nose and paid it all off in one fell swoop this morning…. annihilating my savings account.

The upside is that now my wife and I only have her much much much lower loans to look at but I am 100% done with it. However, our savings account was cut by 60% but we still have an ok chunk. However, I feel like I made a huge mistake and cheated my family out of monetary safety net, even though it was a difficult decision my wife and I made together.

I just needed to get that off my chest and hope for some solace from those much more fluent in the economic language than I

Last Paycheck not deposited

For reference I live in Texas.

So, I quit my job last Tuesday because I got a call informing me that my mom was rushed to the ICU. I work in Dallas, she lives 4 hours away in Houston.

I was already fed up with the environment and this news just sent me over the edge. I had also already been applying to other places and start my new job in 2 weeks.

I didn’t give notice, it was as sudden for me as it was for anyone else. Returned my key and card and wrote and email explaining why I’d be leaving.

Today is our usual payday. No last paycheck was deposited. I was always paid via DD so naturally I’m worried.

I did have a $3k sign-on bonus that I’d be fully vested in after 1 year of working with them, which I didn’t (only about 10 months in). I assume they may be withholding my last check to repay that…is that legal?

I’ve called and emailed them several times and no answer. They also haven’t contacted me at all either.

How much, if any, of retirement savings can go toward purchasing real estate?

Hello! I’m 25 and not anywhere near retirement (shudder) but I’m trying to help my mom (65) by learning about retirement and helping her get a financial advisor.

She has roughly 2.5 mil saved in the market and she has always talked about having a retirement home on the water. I realize this is a huge oversimplification but I was wondering general advice on purchasing property/a home with retirement funds.

Is there a rule of thumb for how much to take/not take from savings? Is purchasing a home a good investment for my mom?

Thanks so much!

Should I use all my “profit” from home sale as down payment on new home?

This situation is still hypothetical at the moment as we haven’t decided if we’re going to do the move yet.

I may be moving to Virginia from New York in order to take care of my parents. This would result in a massive pay cut (although probably better qol). Currently I make around $300k with overtime. In VA I would be making about $120k (no chance of ot but I’m not complaining). Based on comps in my area, I have about 250-300k (maybe even more but don’t want to be too optimistic) in equity in my house. The homes we have looked at in VA around $400-550k. Would it be smarter to use all that equity as a down payment on a house in VA or to set some aside as investments or into my 2 yr olds 529? I can even get a 0 down VA loan if I wanted to but probably wouldn’t be able to afford that mortgage with the new salary. I would like to keep my mortgage payment as low as possible but certainly recognize i may be better off using some of that money elsewhere to work for me, but I’m just not really knowledgeable enough about that stuff to decide which is better or how to use it.

Aside from my current mortgage our only debt is 2 car notes totalling $1k/month. If it matters I max out my TSP and will have a pension of about $80-90k/yr after I retire at age 56 (mandatory retirement age in my job).

I think my bank account has been hacked

So like the title says I think my bank account has been hacked. Some days ago I saw that a transaction was pending but I thought it was a mistake and did nothing. Now, some days later I realize that my account was used to make a purchase in Asmodee UK, that was 1,15€ (about 1£), and I was charged international fees too. I’m super confused as I do not know what happened and what I need to do now, please help!