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Florida: Advice on finding an moving and finding a place to rent, low income

Hi, I’m using a throwaway account because I’m kinda nervous posting something personal about this, also I’m not sure what flair to use here so I apologize if it’s the wrong one. I am also a little naive on the details of some of this, so I’ll try to explain to the best of my abilities

So some context about my situation:

So my parents and I live in FL, and we’ve been living in a section 8 low income apartment for around 6 years or so. I’m a 26 year old student working on getting his bachelors and have also just recently reached the lifetime limit of getting the Pell grant. We’ve have been for the past year, about 2 years now with the new year, have been dealing with a worthless mother who lives above us on the 3rd floor (we’re on second) who refuses to discipline her kids, and lets them run around the apartment all day and night up to 4AM causing us to get little to no sleep, to the point where I’m starting to get in negative moods from just the banging noise itself, and affecting my school performance from the lack of sleep too (these apartments are built cheap with no sound insulation so we here everything).

We’ve complained to the apartment all year and haven’t seen and meaningful results, we’ve contacted the police at night almost every night throughout the year, each night documented to tell her to keep her kids quiet, but no results. The officers have informed us that this is a civil matter between us, her, and the apartment and there isn’t much they can do other than knock on the door and document it. They have suggested to either try and find a new place to move, or possibly take it to court with the apartment over not abiding by the leasing agreement, or take her to court, but that could result in lots of money spent with the suit and possibly a lawyer.

We’ve decided to try to move out of here by the end of Feb 2022, possible early march for 2 reasons.

1. The apartment service sucks in general. The entire community is very ghetto filled with pot smokers, unsupervised kids, vandalism, lack of proper rule enforcement, we’ve even had two shootings in this area since we’ve lived here, and just in general a trashy place to live at.
2. Our leasing agreement ends around March 2022, and we don’t plan on renewing it nor can we because now the apartment is asking for my parents bank statements, and is asking how am I paying for rent which I haven’t because I’m a student. I’m a little finicky here because I just don’t know anything about the leasing, or the renting, or any of the paperwork in general outside of just signing the necessary documents my parents ask me to sign for the lease (this is just for the lease, otherwise I’m sure to read every other document I sign).

My Dad is a retired veteran, 100% disabled according to the VA, and gets a monthly income of around $3000 or so, and my mom works as a caretaker that makes $2880 per month. I get money from the VA via Chapter 35 Educational Assistance, where I get money from the VA to help pay for my school at the 1st of every month (it starts off small because I haven’t had a full month of school in August for example, but then is normal payment after September.), and I get more money depending on my enrollment status such as half-time, part-time, full-time. Just this fall I’ve made $4674.28 from Chapter 35, but $2k of it has gone just to pay the rest of my tuition. I don’t have any debts including student loans. My parents have been trying to build their credit to possibly get a housing loan through the VA with the first time buyer loan.

I’ll be honest I’m kinda scared, worried, and just really don’t know what to do in this situation. I haven’t talked to my parents about making this post, but I felt like I needed advice from the outside to help me help us. Ill be happy to try to answer some questions and happy to get some advice.

Should I wait until after I sign a new lease to request another credit card?


I’m in my mid-twenties, financially secure but a little late in the game in terms of building my credit. I have one credit card for which I was approved last August (a very basic Capital One Platinum card which has since been upgraded by Capital One), and, now that I’ve got ~four months of on-time payments, I’d like to apply for another credit card to increase available credit and decrease credit utilization.

But I’m also looking for a new apartment, which I’m hoping to move into within the next month. I understand that seeking credit can reflect poorly on my credit score, so should I wait to get another credit card until after I finish applying for apartments?


Edit: I have a 718 right now, if that matters.

Underpayment Correction time limit NY

My last paycheck of 2021 had an insane amount of FICA taxes withheld. Let’s say 3k paycheck and 2k FICA taxes withheld. This was for sure a major overwithholding error, I contacted HR immediately and they agreed this was their mistake and would correct it by the end of the year. This was 12/24 (merry Christmas we stole your paycheck)

They have supposedly corrected it on my W2 and confirmed I should be getting roughly an $1800 payment to make me whole. Only problem is they are saying they’ve already closed payroll for the next period (1/10) and they will not be paying me my missing $1800 until the next payroll date of 1/25. Alternatively they can send me a prepaid debit card overnight and I can have my money tomorrow. I of course immediately declined the payroll debit card because that’s fishy as hell.

They assure me that since I was “paid the wages” but they were just incorrectly withheld this will not affect my taxes if the payment comes next year.

This is a huge multinational company and not some scammy business owner. I’m located in NY.

I hate asking this in Reddit but I’ve been googling all day and can’t find an answer. It seems to me they should not be able to withhold my pay due to their error for over a month, I promptly informed them of the error on 12/24, they closed payroll for 1/10 without fixing the error. It seems extremely sketchy to me that they will send me a debit card right away but have no capacity to cut me a check right away.

Is there a time limit for an employer to correct a payroll error? Can I file a claim for damages?

I’ve been in contact with them all week and had some rather heated conversations stating they need to correct it and a debit card is not an acceptable form of compensation. This resulted in the current stand off ( before they basically said we know it’s wrong and we’ll get to it when we get to it).

What are my options to force them to stop withholding my pay.

Thanks and sorry for the rant.

Making Money in 2022!

Hey everyone!

So, with 2021 coming to a close and what a year has it been, I know some of you are looking forward (or not looking forward) to 2022. Regardless, I think one thing we all have in common is wanting to be financially independent and get closer to the FIRE movement! I wanted to start the below thread for some of your best side hustles/income generating ideas or just anything that you do to make a significant or coffee money on the side (either online, in person, etc.)!

I think just having everyone here give their thoughts would be an amazing way to get some feasible ideas that anyone can do this year and going forward. So here’s what I did in 2021 and will continue in 2022 (aside from #6 l0l):

1. FT/PT Job – pretty obvious, but considering this is the major income source for most, either getting bonuses/awards OR applying to a higher paying job can always be a good start
2. Investing – I started in 2021 and although haven’t made life changing money, seeing dividend payments or slight capital growth is such a great feeling. Whether its low-cost ETF’s, dividends, or riskier capital growth, you gotta’ start somewhere!
3. Tutoring business – I figured that since I graduated and went through a hectic process to study for the CPA exam, why not teach/help others with what I know. Just as a proof of concept, I started a tutoring business in 2021 and was able to make just under 5 figures. I’m a pretty shy/quiet person so I barely marketed it aside from through online selling platforms like Kijiji/Ebay, so I’m sure if I tried more with marketing, it could become even more lucrative!
4. Be a TA/RA (*For Students) – if you are still in Uni/College OR are an alumni, often times depending on how well you performed on a course, you can get a paid teaching/research assistant job. For example, I was able to TA a course in my final year of Uni and in both 2021 and now in 2022, I’ve gotten asked to TA again!
5. Sell random things on Kijiji/Ebay/FB Marketplace – I had a stint in the end of 2020/beginning of 2021 where I would sell things like crazy – iPhone’s, computer equipment, gaming consoles, printers, textbooks, clothes, car tires, cameras – you name it! Basically anything I had in my house which I could get some cash for that either had no value (i.e. super old/used) or that I could profit on. I didn’t make anything crazy from this, but did make about $1K and it was honestly pretty fun. I’m sure you can scale this depending on the time/the quality of things you have!
6. Online Surveys – Alright to be honest, I really **wouldn’t** recommend this, but it is something I tried doing in 2021, just for shits and giggles. It really doesn’t take much time to fill a survey on sites like Respondent, and surprisingly, in 2021, I made around $200-300 for doing these. But obviously, the time to reward ratio was not worth it. It’s just something quick to do if you’re waiting in line at Starbucks or chilling at a bus stop 😛

Would love some other passive/active income ideas that some of you have actually tried/gotten results from! Doesn’t matter how little or how much, at the end of the day, a dollar earned is still more than you had before. Let’s all kill it in 2022 and make it a good year.

Carpe Diem


Should I refinance and consolidate an auto and personal loan?

Greetings and Happy New year yall!

Currently we have 2 loans, a car loan of $6.5k @ 4.7% $200/mo and a personal loan of $10k @ 8.75% $310/mo.

Would it be better to get a personal loan and consolidate these 2 or just keep paying as is?


Please keep the flames on low, just need some solid advice here. TIA.

Shall I, or is it worth paying off my student loans? (SLC, UK) Or should I risk dealing with debt collectors?

After graduating university and working in the UK for a bit, I emigrated to Asia. When I did this, I made the mistake of writing to SLC to inform them of the change and filled out an overseas income assessment form. It later came to my attention that most expats never did this and just dropped off SLCs radar altogether.

After getting trapped in their assessment form net though, I wasn’t so fortunate.

Let’s back up a bit… When they asked for a re evaluation the following year, I had gotten a much better paid job. If I updated the information on a new form, I would have ended up paying considerably more money than the non compliance penalty rate. I thought this was dumb and called them to clarify. They basically didn’t care about the situation and told me to do the form because the repayment figures are written in the contract. I didn’t, and paid the lower ‘non compliance penalty rate’ figure and paid this for the next 2 years.

In order to try and get me to comply and do the form, they doubled my monthly repayments about 6 months ago. Now I have to pay about 400 pounds a month no matter what I do. But all the money I had in the UK was about to run out…

Now, I’m in one of those dodgy Asian countries (take a guess which one) where it’s pretty difficult and inconvenient to send money out of. I’m on a tax free salary at the moment also. So I’m not even sure that I’m legally capable of sending money home, since bank transfers take about 4 months worth of tax checks… I’ve looked into a lot of methods and can’t feasibly do it, mainly because I’m not a national citizen. Even SLCs own suggestion of flywire hasn’t been possible. I realized that I had a decision to make.

1) I do a form and and arseache away every month at finding illegal ways of getting money into the UK.
2) I do a form and realise they’re charging me so much that I’ll clear the entire 20k loan in under 5 years, so I may as well find a way to pay the the whole damn thing off now and rid myself of them forever.
3) I have no plans to return to the UK permanently. I do nothing and wait.

Not seeing why I should have to pay vast sums of money when no one else has to, I took my chances with option 3.

So now I’m on mounting arrears with SLCs affiliated debt collection agency, transcom and option 2 is looking like it would make a lot of sence. Financially, I’m able to do it. I just dont see why I should force myself into doing it when I don’t have to and no one is doing it.

But I tried to pay the arrears on their website and they don’t accept union pay and I’m just like, what exactly am I supposed to do? I’ve tried to pay SLC and I can’t. I’ve tried to pay Transcom and I can’t. Arrears will mount up and I can’t get money to it even if I wanted to.

I feel quite trapped and I’m considering closing my email account and trying to go dark, honestly. Arrears are going to increase by 400 pounds + interest each month. But I don’t really feel like they can get to me here. What do I do?

I have a retirement 401k in index funds, but with the unrest in the world, lets say war comes to America. My $ is just on a computer screen or printout ultimately.

So not to start the new year out on a bummer of a question, but I was explaining stock market risk to my sister. I told her that stock market risk, if you hold index funds, will not “lose” you money because you own a huge basket of stocks. Your balance may drop in a bear market for a few months or years but not your shares. Your investments will recover and grow further in the years to come, even if a few companies didn’t survive the correction. I then told her that to truly lose your index funds, our country (US) would have to be attacked and both the financial sector and government would have to be severely disrupted or destroyed. But at that point we’d have much bigger and more immediate problems than what is going to happen to our 401ks.

But that got me thinking, let’s say she and I survive and the US wins the war (rescued by the Canadians probably) what would happen!? If Vanguard is destroyed but many of those publicly traded companies survive, is there another way to restore at least part of my 401k?


un/Subsudized Loans. What steps should I take?

I am in a postbacclurate teaching program that is split into 3 semesters. Tuition is 4.3K/3.3K/3.3K.

My aid for this semester is:

Subsudized: 2750

Unsub: 3500

Teacher Waiver Fee (?): 455.

Anyways, the total offered is 6705. Do I take it all?? How does that work if my tuition is 4.3k for example?

What will my payments be like after i graduate? Lol thank you for any advice.

Staying in Romania or moving to UK/Switzerland/Ireland


Me and my girlfriend don’t know what to decide. If we stay in Romania we will be able to save/invest a lot more because is cheaper to live here.

I am working remotely and I have a very good salary for Romania.

The downsides of Romania are poor health care services, poor education, awful roads etc.

If we move, my girlfriend will have the opportunity for better jobs and maybe that will compensate but we will save a lot less.

My goal is to start a company in the end when we decide.

Can you please advise us?

Thank you very much!

Should I contribute to a Roth IRA of I don’t know what my income will be.

I’m a travel nurse currently making a rate of 130/hr. If I were to continue making this much, assuming rates don’t drastically decrease I would be ineligible to contribute to a Roth IRA. There’s also the possibility that my rate decrease and I’d be fine to contribute either way. My agency does not offer a retirement plan. What should I do as far as investing for retirement if I’m unsure if I’ll be allowed to contribute to a Roth by years end?