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Planning a 13k expense- loans or savings?

I am setting myself up for top surgery in early March. My doctor said this will cost anywhere from 9k-13k out of pocket. I currently have 9k in savings and make about a thousand a month, meaning I will have about 15k in the bank when I get the procedure. My expenses are very low, one of my jobs covers my housing, so I only pay for bus passes and food. (Like 100$ a month after a couple hundred in tuition each semester). I will lose this job next August when I graduate, so I want some savings left to live on. How much of this possible 13k should I take out in a personal loan? Would it be better to say it is for a medical procedure, even thought top surgery can be seen as a cosmetic thing? What interest rate should I try to negotiate? I have a 770+ credit score, so that should not be an issue.

What should I do with what I have left

Suffered from a bad gambling addiction lost around $250K in the past few months. I have approx $75K left to my name, 18 going into college (EU) school will be cheap and my parents are going to split my expenses 50/50 I’m wondering how I should distribute what I didn’t gamble away to have a head start when coming out of college and being fully self sufficient

[Need Advice] Finding a Refinance Loan on a Used Vehicle as a Student

TLDR; I am a college student looking for a refinance loan to buy out a lease from South East Toyota.


My lease for a 2020 Toyota Corolla is about end by the end of the year and due to the market right now being really expensive, I am trying to keep my car. My car is on a lease and I want to buy it out from the leasing company that I have it with, South East Toyota, for about $15,000. I am having trouble finding places that would give me a loan, much less for $15k because I am a college student, with a short credit history, and am only working part-time.

My parents are helping me pay off the monthly payment for the lease so I haven’t really had to worry about it cause they wanted to take it off my shoulders so that I could save some money. However, I am now trying to be more independent and that means paying for my own car and everything that comes with that responsibility. My mom is willing to be a cosigner so the credit history and yearly income requirements can be met, but we are still having trouble finding companies that would lend to us.

I have found multiple places that would allow me to get a personal loan, but the figures that many places have given me would make me pay more than $20k over 6 years, which is too high an interest imo.

Has anybody ever been in my situation who can share their experience of what they’ve done? Can anyone tell me where I can get an auto to refinance loan with fair rates?

I make approximately $500 a month. What is the best way for me to grow my money?

I don’t have much knowledge about finance and I really want to do better with my life. I’m currently searching for college courses to help me get better jobs but in the mean time what can I do to invest or save my money wisely?

Some details

I don’t have to pay rent, utility etc.

I only have to pay for my dog and any extra expenses (eating out, shopping, entertainment etc.)

I keep $150 per month for expenses mostly on my dog (her medication, food, grooming etc.) I use the remaining money on my Etsy shop if I need any supplies.

The rest of the money I put in savings. I’ve saved about $2000 over the past few months.

CDs laddering rises again

I’d dropped CD laddering as a EF strategy in the last few years due to lackluster rates compared to my HYSA, but I’m shifting some EF funds into short term CDs again as rates rise. (Yes I’m maxed on iBonds.) Anyone doing the same?


Should I Add Myself as an Authorized User After Already Having a Credit Card for a Few Years?

Hey everyone,

I am asking if it is a good idea to add myself on my dad’s credit card for a year as an authorized user after I’ve already had a credit card for a few years. My dad is a difficult person, so I didn’t really want to get involved with him. However, my own account has been suffering from a lack of history. I know he has a very high credit score and history, and I understand that adding myself as an authorized user would benefit me in this. If I added myself as an authorized user but didn’t use the credit card, would that affect my credit? And after I add myself and wait for a bit, will his credit history be given to me and will that stay permanently on my account even after he removes me in the future?

Thank you!

Are there any APIs that I can use to access my own credit info programmatically?

Emphasis on **my** info, obviously.

I’m a programmer, and I want to write a personal finance manager for myself. Of course a major part of that is being able to aggregate credit card transactions, balances, etc.

Are any of the APIs that all the existing programs use available for individual use?

Something like an endpoint that takes a POST request with auth credentials, or credentials in the body maybe?