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Need for a checking account?

I have a checking account, Roth IRA, and Individual brokerage account with Schwab. The rest of my money is in an HYSA in Ally. Is there any reason for me to keep money in the Schwab checking account? I originally opened the account for withdrawal while abroad but now I just pay bills/get paychecks deposited to it and sometimes move money around between savings and checking. It’s kind of a hassle to make sure the checking has enough money and I’m wondering if I should move that money to Ally and pay bills/get paychecks to that one with the bonus that all of my cash is together and would make it easier for tracking savings goals (since ally has buckets).

Any reason to keep money in the checking account? I would keep it open to move money for traveling and I think it’s linked to the individual brokerage anyways so I’d have to close both.

I’m in, what seems to me, a financially healthy place. But I’d love some advice.

Short and sweet, here are the deets –

Liquid assets:

$25k in bills checking, no interest

$28k in savings at 1.25% apy

$16k in rent account (checking, no interest, just pays my rent with six months’ leeway if things should go south and I lose my entire income)

$195k annuity account through my union, plus 10 years of vested pension credits

401K is not an option, since I freelance through the union, so pension/annuity contributions are based on contracts and not personal contributions.

I have no kids, no mortgage, no student or car loans. I’d love to get insight about how to better appropriate the liquid assets I have, or what I could safely sock away into a CD or something else? I’m very new to the idea of investing but I also don’t want to shoot myself in the foot if some emergency happens down the line.

I’d appreciate any and all help, or references to material… I’m honestly out of my depth here because I am finally not living paycheck to paycheck, and I feel like I could use the funds not strictly allocated for a better purpose than numbers on a screen. Much of my decision-making has been catastrophe-avoidance, but I feel like I’ve finally reached a point where I *have* that and can count on it, so if I can help my future self out by investing some of the excess now, I’d like to. I just don’t know how.

Putting down temporary home address for TreasuryDirect?

I (22) tried opening a TreasuryDirect account online but was notified I need to do it in person and mail it in and that it will take 13 weeks to approve my account.

I suspect it was my address. The address I currently reside at I’ve lived for a few months and will be moving in a month. I don’t have another permanent address I can put down. I won’t wait until I move because once again, I could move again, as I find different places to live.

I need to put something down for “home address” and is it OK to put down my “current home address” though I know I will be moving from for the TreasuryDirect, (in other words, how “official” does the address need to be as it is stored in a government record)? By the time they approve my account I would have already moved.

How to invest 5k/month?

Me and my wife are in mid 30s we max out our 401ks and invest in our company’s espp. We have no debt besides our house. We also have 6 months of emergency fund saved up. We have about extra 5k each month that we can invest and I was thinking real estate can be a good potential for a cash flowing passive income but I don’t know if it’s the best option but if it’s I don’t know where to start. Any advice?

Sanity check: what should I do with proceeds from sale of home?

I purchased a new home a few weeks ago (put 5% down). My old home will close in a week, and I’m wondering what I should do with the proceeds. I’m expecting around 175k from the sale.

I’m torn on whether I should 1) make a 83k payment into new mortgage to drop PMI ($70 per month) 2) make the same 83k payment and also have the mortgage recasted ($500 fee) as this will drop PMI and also lower my monthly payment ~$400 per month 3) don’t pay mortgage down at all and just put majority of the 175k proceed into the market

New mortgage interest rate is 7 year adjustable 4.4%. My emergency fund is healthy and I don’t have any other debt.

Can someone give me a sanity check here?

How to change phone number on credit report?

I will try to make it brief.

I recently moved back to the USA, and I have a regular paid (linked to my SS#) T-Mobile line.

I got a car loan through the help of a family member’s score, and when I was the the dealership everything seemed smooth but I remember them putting in the wrong phone # to use, and I corrected them

Now about 2 months I have strange issues:

1. Some bank can’t verify my because they say the t-mobile line # doesn’t seem to be connected to me, but they can verify me with the wrong number the dealership used.
2. Both Experian and TransUnion do not show the T-Mobile line as “my line” AT ALL, but they show the wrong number the dealership used.

The stupid thing is that I see an old Skype number in the credit report, but no the new latest LEGIT t-mobile line I bought.

What’s the best way of removing that phone number or at least adding the new t-mobile #?

Do I contact the 3 credit bureaus or the loaners or…who?

Thanks 🙁

Bad credit house loan

So long story short my credit is bad like 560/580 during covid i was hit hard almost lost my house but was able to sell and get out after missing payments and wrecking my credit now im back to work and trying to get set back up so my question is is it possible to get a building loan for a home with a low credit score some info

I have a lot of land worth around 90k
I have 30k in my bank account
I make around 100k gross a year
No debt
Only monthly payments are food gass and other basics around 700$ a month
My GF will be building with me she makes about 130k-150k a year
She has a 650ish credit score her monthly debt is around 1k$

Loan amount were looking for is around 300k

Want to know if its even possible to get the loan my self or if we could get one together

23 year old w nothing but 2 grand

Don’t need people to tell me what I’ve done is wrong. Thanks. I know.

Gambling addict since I could remember. Literally the age of 12 or below. In college, getting good degree, few internships, few side jobs.

Never been able to keep money for a long period of time. Stocks. Casinos. Sports wagering. You name it. It’s taken my money.

Graduating soon and want (NEED) to change my ways. Have a few full time job offers and come from a middle class family who I have a great relationship with. Want to move out soon/ just not be such a fucking bum… however… It’s not like I’m on the brink of homelessness ….

Any advice helps. Just looking for different perspectives since mine sucks.

Credit line increase – anything I should know?

I bank with BofA and I have a customized cash rewards card that I got when I was a college student a few years ago so the credit limit is now a little low for my spending. It’s currently $2,500 and I typically use about half of that each month but I recently became aware that it’s not good for your credit score to use more than 30% of the limit. I want to request a credit line increase but I’m not going to spend more, I just want to use less of my limit. Is this a good idea? Or would it be better to apply for a different card to split my spending and utilize the cash back bonuses better? Or I could do both? Any suggestions/tips/advice is greatly appreciated!

Order of operations with (backdoor) Roth IRA

Ok so, I’ve decided to look into funding a Roth IRA.

I do not qualify for normal contributions into a Roth because of my income.

I’ve opened a traditional IRA, and have been funding it with after tax dollars.

I’m wondering what my next steps should be to not screw myself with taxes.

Do I open a Roth IRA with after tax dollars now, then roll into it later?

Do I open a Roth IRA using only the money rolled from the Traditional?

What is the best way to proceed?